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Name:Peter Hollo
Birthdate:Jan 2
Location:Sydney, NSW, Australia
Website:Stumblings in the dark
Cellist in FourPlay electric string quartet & guest cellist in myriad areas, electronic musician, broadcaster (Utility Fog) on FBi 94.5 in Sydney, web editor/admin, science fiction reader & occasional editor... honours graduate in philosophy & pure maths, way back when...

Interests updated March 2007, although still not, well, comprehensive ;) I did reach the limit though! Wowzers!

Interests (150):

65daysofstatic, aaron spectre, alan moore, alastair reynolds, amon tobin, angel, angela, anticon, aphex twin, art spiegelman, atheism, autechre, battlestar galactica, beirut, belladonnakillz, biking, bjork, boards of canada, book editing, bracken, bratsch, breakcore, buffy the vampire slayer, can, cello, cex, charles stross, cheese, chris lawson, chris roberson, chris ware, cognitive science, comics, cory doctorow, cracow klezmer band, craig thompson, damien broderick, daniel dennett, david krakauer, david marusek, dead kennedys, debussy, department of eagles, dj c, dj food, dntel, doctor who, dose one, drum'n'bass, dubstep, dylan horrocks, eddie campbell, electronica, enduser, environmentalism, epic45, evolution, fbi 94.5, fbi radio, fennesz, firefly, fog, folktronica, foobar2000, four tet, fourplay, fourplay string quartet, funckarma, grant morrison, greg egan, grizzly bear, gypsy music, hard science fiction, heroes, hood, hrvatski, iain m banks, ian mcdonald, icarus, inlets, james morrow, jay lake, jeff noon, jim woodring, john meaney, john zorn, jon courtenay grimwood, jorge luis borges, joss whedon, jungle, justina robson, keith fullerton whitman, ken macleod, kevin huizenga, klezmer, kroke, laptop music, les yeux noirs, luke vibert, mahler, making music, matmos, mice parade, momus, mrk1, mu-ziq, music, neil gaiman, nomeansno, paul hornschemeier, paul mcauley, philosophy, post-rock, pure maths, ravel, rockbox, science fiction, scott herren, sean williams, severed heads, shane dix, shostakovich, skream, sleepytime gorilla museum, sondheim, stravinsky, styrofoam, subtle, susanna clarke, talk talk, taraf de haidouks, ted chiang, the books, the flashbulb, the necks, the notwist, tin hat trio, tom stoppard, tom waits, tony ballantyne, triosk, tunng, underground comics, utility fog, venetian snares, veronica mars, why?, william gibson, world's end girlfriend, ยต-ziq...
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