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It may be a meme, it may just be something people are doing... uhm... Anyway.
Go on, work out what songs these lyrics come from and, um, I'll be ya best friend. Maybe there'll be a prize in it for someone. I just wanted to post some song lyrics really. I'd rather just hum the tunes or tell you the chord changes - that's usually more what I pay attention because I am musician scum and not very good at picking up/remembering those word-things. Nevertheless, there are plenty of lyrics that mean a lot to me.

I could be mean and put in people like Hood, who never publish their lyrics, or Can, with Damo Suzuki's almost-incomprehensible improvised lyrics, but I decided that would just be silly. So, mostly this isn't too obscure, I'm hoping!

I'm screening comments for a little while just so you don't get to read other people's answers ;) I'll let this go for a few days, or maybe up to a week depending on whether there's much response. [Oh and note: If I reply to you, I'm then re-screening the comments, so that hopefully you get my reply emailed but it's still not visible - yet!]

So here goes:
Edit - the answers are up now, here

1. Do you have another opinion?
2. ...She said that you gave it to her/ That night that you planned to go clear/ Did you ever go clear?
3. Listening to you reminds me of a motor's endless drone, and how the deaf are so damn lucky
4. The boy said "Dad they're going to take me to task/ but I'll be back by Christmas"
5. ...We danced the hora/ till we vomited blood...
6. "Tu t'appelles comment?" - "Melody" - "Melody comment?"
7. So hard to believe that he only 19
8. Without a universal law there is no gravity/ without gravity there is no atmosphere/ without an atmosphere there is no chance at life/ and with no chance at life... I don't exist
8. With their nine inch nails and little fascists panties tucked inside the heart of every nice girl
9. We got a lot to talk about/ We got a lot to try out
10. Betty came by on her way/ said she has a word to say/ about things today/ and fallen leaves
11. Born of the river/ Born of its ever-changing, never-changing murky water
12. Oh yeah. The world's turned upside down/ Jimmy Finn is out
13. ...and it's the same the whole world 'round. The hurt I see helps to compound, that...
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