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Sorry. This is just a test to see if my RSS reader is going to pick this up properly. It's a friends-only post.
Bloglines can't handle friends-only posts, although there *is* a syntax that lets you tell your RSS reader to login to LiveJournal...

Why use an RSS aggregator/reader? So that you can have all the websites you watch available at once, just like an IMAP mailbox basically, with the various sites as "folders" which notify you when there's a new post. There are other approaches too, which I may go into later, but anyway...

I'm using feed on feeds, which is basic but basically works - although I have everything in a Bloglines account as well, just to test. What I *really* want to use is Tiny Tiny RSS but I won't be able to do that until my server supports MySQL 4.1+ - hopefully happening in the nearish future.
So, let's see if this shows up! And then I'll change it and see if the change shows up - hasn't been working :/

Well, it showed up, so that bit's working. Let's see if the change shows up. Sorry for spamming you, oh friends-only friends-list.

In case you're wondering, I've now hacked feed on feeds so that updated posts do show up, and also those occasional "fake" feeds which have the same link for all items now work properly. *phew*
I might post on my real blog about how I did it - or you can comment here to ask. I've un-friends-only-ed this post now just in case it's useful if anyone else stumbles across it :)

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