Nov. 26th, 2005


Nov. 26th, 2005 12:31 pm
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So... tagged by [ profile] eclipsedeyes, I must present "7 songs I'm currently 'really feeling'". Here's a meme I can probably not hate! :) I will of course assume I can hedge my bets.

1. 65daysofstatic - drove through ghosts to get here or awaits rescue (both from new one time for all time album)
2. faux pas - White Light (from the very fine debut EP Faux Feels from Melbournite Tim Shiel)
3. Jason Forrest - Dust Never Settles (quasi-random choice from Shamelessly Exciting)
4. Why? - Act Five and Crushed Bones (two highlights from the excellent Elephant Eyelash album)
5. Avia Gardner - more than tongue can tell (gorgeous glitchy shoegaze from Canadian duo, title track of stunning mini-album)
6. Tanya Horo & Jono Ma - toadmobile (unreleased, still at demo stages, but it r0x0rs; indietronica from Sydney via New Zealand - ie she's from NZ originally. Used to call herself "Marvey King")
7. FourPlay - Appalachian Jam (I must include my own band because we've just had our new album mastered and it's most exciting... this track is an epic jam we did while getting ready to record "Cry Me A River", which I took home and did some fun glitchy edits and stuff on before taking it back for mixing. Ends the album on a blissful contemporary note... sad you people mostly won't get to hear it for a good few months yet!)

I'm meant to tag some others, which I don't usually do... so if you'd like to do so and you're on my friends list, go ahead and list some tunes!
If you want to hear any of this bar the FourPlay (sorry - self-promotion ain't my thing) and you're in Sydney, then you know you gotta be listening to da Utility Fog on da Sunday night. Tonight, tune in to FBi at 9pm for my gal Ange's collaboration with our friend Serena called "The First Shot" on Sunday Night At The Movies - a look at fiction vs autobiog, heroin addiction and Sydney's dark underbelly, with some great music plus book readings from my man Kit Brash and an interview with author Wayne Grogan spread throughout.

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